We Value Bible-Centered Preaching and Teaching.

We believe that God’s Word is alive and powerful.  The consistent teaching of God’s Word leads to the salvation of the lost and the spiritual maturity of Christians.  The Bible is our only message and our final authority.

We Value Commitment and Discipleship.

We believe that every Christian should be fully devoted to Jesus Christ and His cause.  This involves a passionate love for God and a humble service for others.

We Value Missions and Evangelism.

We believe that God has called His church to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations.  The Gospel is the power of God which offers salvation to all who believe.  We are committed to sharing the Gospel at home and around the world.

We Value Prayer.

We believe that God desires His people to pray and that He hears and answers prayer.  The ministries and activities of First Baptist Church are characterized by a reliance on prayer in their conception, planning, and execution.

We Value Financial Responsibility.

We believe that God desires every Christian to give generously and sacrificially to the cause of Christ.  First Baptist Church receives the donations of God’s people as a sacred trust, and we are committed to handling finances with honesty, integrity, and according to Biblical principles.

We Value Fellowship and Community.

We believe that God has called us together at First Baptist Church to function as one body.  We encourage believers to cultivate deep and abiding relationships within the body.  This involves accountability, loving one another, encouraging one another, admonishing one another, and praying for one another.

We Value Worship.

We believe that God has created us and redeemed us so that we will worship Him both now and for all eternity.  At First Baptist Church, we seek to foster an atmosphere which is conducive to experiencing the presence of the Almighty God.