Romans 7 “It’s Complicated”

In Romans chapter 7, Paul explains the relationship between the New Testament Believer and the Law.  It is a relationship that is difficult to explain.  The believer in Christ has an awkward relationship to the law of God.  In a word, it’s . . . well . . . complicated!  The believer has been set free from the letter of the law like a wife whose husband dies. (Romans 7:2)  A “widow” is no longer a “wife”.  The woman is still alive, but the “wife” died with the husband.  Likewise, a believer “dies” with Christ (Romans 6:3-4), and is released from the demands of the law.  However, the believer enters into a personal relationship with the Jesus Christ which transcends the law!  So, the believer is freed from the letter of the law, but falls in love with the Law-Giver!  Inasmuch as the law reflects the moral nature of the Law-Giver, the believer desires to please God by keeping His moral law.  The law is “holy and just and good.” (Romans 7:12)  However, the law is limited.  The law reveals our sin (Romans 7:7), but the law can not save us from our sin.  The law condemns us to death (Romans 7:10), but it can not give us life.  The law displays God’s holiness, but it can not make us holy. (Romans 7:14-20)  There is only One who can accomplish all of that.  Jesus does what the law can never do.  Jesus saves us from our sin, gives us new life, and begins His sanctifying work in us.  Having been saved by the sacrificial blood of Christ, the believer enters into a new life and a new relationship.  The believer loves God so much, that he embraces God’s law, even though he has been set free from the legalistic demands of that law.  We obey God’s moral law because we love Him, not because we are obligated.  I guess it’s really not that complicated!