Romans 2:17-3:8 “False Assurances”


The Devil is pretty good at giving sinners false assurance.  He wants sinners to be comfortable!  He does not want them to change or repent.  He wants sinners to be content with the status quo, thinking that everything will be alright.  In his letter to the Romans, Paul warned the Jews about such false security.  The Jews thought that they were special.  In fact they are special!  God had chosen His people and loved them with an everlasting love.  That is pretty special!  But, it is not enough to avoid God’s wrath.  Being a Jew has nothing to do with salvation.  The Jews thought that as long as they do a fair job of keeping the law, then they had nothing to fear from God.  However, Paul warned them that the law only makes things worse.  It proves that we are deserving of God’s wrath!  It makes us more accountable.  The Jews trusted in their rite of circumcision.  They thought that circumcision was God’s way of marking His people, so that you knew who to allow into heaven.  But, Paul cautioned that physical circumcision cannot save.  True circumcision is the spiritual circumcision of the heart, which is genuine faith in God.  In Paul’s day, the Jews were resting quite comfortably in their false assurances.  Unfortunately, today there are a lot of religious people who are comfortably resting in the same false assurances.  They are resting in the law (“I live by the golden rule, so God will let me in heaven!”) or trusting in their religious rituals (“I was baptized a Catholic, so I have God’s salvation!”).  The Gospel of Jesus Christ casts aside those false assurances.  All we have left is to trust in the One who shed His own blood on the cross.  There is only one Savior.  His blood is the only thing standing between me and God’s eternal wrath.  I am so thankful for the blood of Christ!