“A Love Story” 1 Samuel 25

On the surface, it has all of the elements of a traditional love story:  1) Boy meets girl  2) Boy and girl fall in love  3) Boy and girl get married  4) They live (somewhat) happily ever after.  However, this Biblical love story has a few non-traditional twists.  When boy and girl first meet, the girl is already married to someone else.  And, when boy and girl first meet, the boy is on the way to murder the girl’s husband!  It sounds like a sick and twisted soap opera, but it is the Biblical story of David and Abigail.  Abigail was “a woman of good understanding and beautiful appearance” (1 Samuel 25:2)   She was locked into an unequal yoke of marriage with her husband, Nabal, a “harsh and evil” man. (1 Samuel 25:2)  On the positive side, Nabal was rich!  But he was a terrible person and a disastrous husband.  Nabal did not deserve the wise and beautiful Abigail.  And, Abigail certainly did not deserve such a foolish husband as Nabal.  When Nabal’s harsh and evil ways provoked David and his warriors, it led to an inevitable clash that would certainly destroy all of Nabal’s household.  Everyone knew it except Nabal.  He was drunk.  His servant had to warn Abigail.  And Abigail swiftly and diligently took steps to save her own foolish husband.  Imagine the scene as David and his 400 warriors descended down the hill breathing out violent threats against the insolent Nabal, intent on eliminating every male of his household.  Suddenly, the angry David was confronted by a beautiful woman bringing a caravan of food and gifts for David and his men.  She humbly bowed before them and assumed responsibility for her husbands irresponsible behavior.  With kind words, wisdom, and a fervent appeal to God’s purpose, she deescalated the inevitable conflict.  She turned her enemies into her friends.  And, she caught the eye of David.  He recognized her godly character, her courage (for a woman to confront 400 armed men by herself!), and her wisdom.  The next day, her clueless husband with a hangover had a stroke.  Ten days later, he died.  And, you know the rest of the story.  Abigail’s first marriage was based on money.  That did not turn out well.  Abigail’s second marriage was based on God’s will.  That is the most enduring kind of love story.  And, it is a picture of Christ’s love for us.  We were the ones who were hopelessly lost in our sins, lashing out at everyone around us, and ready to take vengeance upon those who hurt us.  It was Christ who miraculously confronted us (his enemies!) and humbly took our sins upon Himself.  He forgave us and invited us into an eternal relationship with Him.  He saved us from certain destruction, and He loves us unconditionally.  That is the greatest Valentine’s day love story ever!