1 Samuel 28 “He Being Dead Still Speaks”

God had one more message for Samuel to deliver . . . even after his death!  Samuel had been dead for a while, and King Saul was in a very bad place.  The Philistines were gathered together for war, and Saul was afraid.  His "heart trembled greatly."  (1 Samuel 28:5)  Saul may have feared the Philistines, but his heart trembled because he had a deeper, spiritual fear.  He feared the truth.  The truth was that God had departed from him, and was giving him the silent treatment.  God did not speak to him through "dreams or by Urim or by the prophets." (1 Samuel 28:6)  God was silent.  Everything that Samuel had said before was becoming a painful reality.  The kingdom was crumbling under the feet of Saul just like Samuel had prophesied.  God's blessing was long removed, and God's voice was silent.  Saul was experiencing the truth . . . the fulfillment of God's prophetic message.  No wonder he was afraid!  In his desperation, he sought out a witch in Endor who would summon the prophet Samuel from beyond the grave.  And so, God ended his silence.  He delivered a final message to Saul . . . through Samuel . . . summoned by a witch!  (God has a multitude of tools available for his service!)  The final message was a confirmation of all of the previous messages with one terrifying addition.  "Tomorrow you and your sons will be with me." (1 Samuel 28:19)  It would be Saul's final night upon this earth.  This weird and confusing story is a cautionary tale.  It is possible to reject God's Word and disobey God's law to the point of no return.  If we plug our ears and refuse to listen, eventually God stops speaking.  We should listen now, before it is too late!